Portland Mobile Notary, LLC

​​Fees For Services

​Mobile Fee     $50.00 (8am-5pm)

Extra fee may apply for long distances

Mobile Fee     $60.00 (6pm-8pm)

Mobile Fee     $70.00 (8pm-11pm)

​Mobile Fee     Negotiable From (11pm to 8am)

Notarization   $10.00

In House Notaries   $10.00

Jail Notaries- Mobile Fee   $60.00

(This includes waiting for the person incarcerated and being identified at the Jail)

Witness (we provide) $25.00

Legal Forms   $10.00

Certified Copies   $5.00

Certificates   $10.00

I-9 Verification  $25.00

​Canvassing Fee  $25.00 a hour

Dr Appointments $10.00 added to total Notary fee

​Swearing in for the Court by phone $25.00 added to total Notary fee.

**Adoption package discount

​We love special projects and are happy to quote them on a individual basis.