Portland Mobile Notary, LLC

Portland Mobile is the Notary that comes to you.

We have many years experience in notarizing documents and can provide caring, compassionate, and professional service. We specialize in assisting the elderly and those with physical and mental challenges. With a dedicated staff of five, we are confident in our ability to notarize anything you require. 

Service you can trust.

All of our notaries are subject to yearly background checks. We stand behind the quality and attention to detail of our work, and if an error is made we will come out and correct it. As we are deeply committed to and are serious about our clientele's confidentiality, you can rest assured that your sensitive documents will be protected in accordance with all applicable State and Federal laws. 

Let us be your chosen notarization firm!

Give us a call to schedule an appointment, or fill out an intake form on our Contact page to get connected with a licensed notary. We are available on short notice or after hours at 503.766.8372.