Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Handfastings - $100.00
​(plus travel dependent upon distance)

Portland Mobile Notary, LLC


​​​​Services and Fees

​Mobile Fee     $60.00 (8am-5pm)

Extra fees may apply for locations over 30 minutes away from our office

Mobile Fee     $75.00 (6pm-8pm)

Mobile Fee     $85.00 (8pm-11pm)

​Real Estate Loan Signings - $100     ​   

 Mobile Fee      Negotiable From (11pm to 8am)

Notarization   $10.00

In-House Notaries   $10.00

Jail Notaries - Mobile Fee   $75.00

This includes waiting for the person incarcerated and being identified at the jail

Witness (provided by Portland Mobile Notary)-$40.00

​Legal Forms (Stevens-Ness) -  $10.00

Sur charge for Assisted Living and Hospitals $10.00

Downloading/Printing Forms to Deliver to

Client - $10.00

Certified Copies - $10.00

Certificates - $10.00

I-9 Verification - $25.00

Real Estate Loan Signing   $125.00

Witnesses Provided by Portland Mobile Notary $40.00 per witness

Logging in witnesses provided by the client   $10.00 each

​Canvassing Fee - $25.00 per hour

Doctor appointments - $15.00 added to the total notary fee

​Swearing in for the Court by phone - $25.00 added to the total notary fee

Depositions - $30.00 per deposition

Adoption Packages 
20% discount on all notary fees associated with adopting a child


We love special projects and are happy to quote them on a individual basis