Portland Mobile Notary, LLC

Online Notarizations

As technology advances and improves, so does the way we do business! 

Beginning September 1st 2021, our notaries will be able to provide online document notarizations. We are proud to offer this service, as it provides the same personal, professional service we stand by while also being convenient. Your documents can be notarized by any of our caring professionals online from anywhere you may be in the United States! 

To do this, you will need the following things:

  • A computer with webcam capabilities for fast and easy identity verification
  • Email the document(s) which require notarization to portlandmobilenotary@gmail.com 
  • Call our office (503.519.9076) and speak with any of our notaries for more information and to schedule an appointment


$25 - Electronic document notarization 

$10 - Sending the electronically notarized document to you via USPS mail

$50 - Digital storage of your electronically-notarized document. These documents are kept in a secure and encrypted database and are retrievable by our clients for up to five years

Payment for these fees will be rendered at the conclusion of your online appointment and may be paid for by credit card.

Pursuant to Oregon State law, these sessions will be video recorded.

We hope that you will take advantage of this exciting new service. By adding online notarizations to our slate of offerings, we are able to better and more widely serve the Portland metro community like never before!

Call our office to schedule your online document notarization today!